426 Hemi Information

426 HEMI EngineWelcome to our 426 HEMI information section! A collection of information about the legendary 426 Hemi Engine. Covers production numbers, specifications, horsepower, torque and more.

This section is always under construction and we will be adding more pages as we get the time and info to complete.



426 HEMI Engine General Information & Specifications

426 Hemi Engine Bolt Torque Specifications

426 HEMI Engine Production:

1966 HEMI Production Information

1967 HEMI Production Information

1968 HEMI Production Information

1969 HEMI Production Information

1970 HEMI Production Information

1971 HEMI Production Information

HEMI Milestones:

1939 – 1959

1960 – 1970

1971 – 2004

2005 – 2007

Please Note: This information is provided "as is" and is for information purposes only. This production information is believed to be accurate the 440magnum Mopar Enthusiast Network makes no guarantees on the accuracy of this information. This information was obtained from the Chrysler archives, books, www, and other reference materials.