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Ram Rebel TRX concept - Front
Above: Reaching six inches wider than a standard Ram 1500, the acute hour-glass body design and huge fender wells clear aggressive 37-inch tires.

The 2016 Rebel TRX Concept is a 100-mph off-road machine with 575 horsepower – the most powerful half-ton truck the company has ever built. Ripping over pavement at speeds greater than 100 mph is an experience, but the Ram Rebel TRX concept hits triple digits in an off-road environment with the help of a supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V-8.

Rebel TRX is an Engineered, Functional Concept


The Rebel TRX’s mug shot is not a friendly face welcomed in the rearview mirror. Although it is clear the line and color combinations are borrowed from the popular Rebel and Power Wagon models, the Rebel TRX has a much more chiseled look.

Header Red paint rules the exterior skin. Select locations on the hood roof and lower body are covered in black. Three letters burst clear of a Power Wagon-inspired grille spelling “RAM” in body-matching black and red. Out of necessity, the bold, scooped grille allows a fire-breathing supercharged engine to cool with additional air flow. Oversized tow hooks reach through huge red-painted openings in the black powder-coated steel front bumper. Composite flares help compensate for a six-inch increase in track width and gave designers another location to mark their signature. A lower brush guard is forged in steel and up to the “rock knock” test. New LED fog lamps provide additional light to help the TRX navigate in reduced visibility conditions.

In order to clear the roots-style blower mounted atop the HEMI engine, the Rebel TRX uses a hood based on the taller Ram Heavy Duty design, using two exhaust vents to assist in heat removal. The raised fender height matches shoulders to chest. This aggressive, “no-neck” appearance is an example of building around necessity. A profile view reveals wide-open fender wells lined with unique flares, allowing 37-inch tires to fill the gap at full jounce. Compensating for a six-inch overall increase in track width, the fenders reach out like wings to prevent material caught in traction from reaching the side of the truck. A drone’s-eye view exposes bright LED clearance lighting and the acute hour-glass body lines as they dive back into the doors only to pop back out in the back, enabling rear tires to firmly tuck into the wells.

The side of the TRX leads your eye to enormous five-inch, side-exit exhaust ports integrated within a full-length rock rail for added body/sill protection. The 37-inch tires are wrapped around custom Mopar 18-inch bead-lock wheels with body color-matched rings bolted in place.

The bed becomes partially dedicated to self-preservation while traveling in the desert abyss. New bed rails equipped with tie-downs outline two matched spare tire and wheel combinations mounted vertically in the bed on a custom rack. Utilizing the built-in storage capacity of the Ram 1500, a lockable unit between the wheel wells packs a jack, tow strap and makes room for larger tool storage.

Closing out the rear of the truck, a large “Ram” badge in Matte Black is borrowed from the Rebel and covers the tailgate. A custom rear bumper with integrated skid plate and tow hooks matches capability features on the front of the truck.

Not all of the TRX’s features are functional. Some are deserved. Bodyside and tailgate graphics adorn both sides and unique badging located on the rear fenders identify Ram’s newest concept.