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1967 Dodge Charger from brochure, front and back.
1967 Charger from dodge brochure, front to back.

Dodge only made minor changes to the Charger for 1967. Fender mounted turn signal indicators were added. Vinyl roof was now an option on the outside. Due to customer complaints about the difficulty for entry and exit from the back seats, the full length console was eliminated.

The console was replaced with a regular sized console. Bucket seats were standard equipment, Dodge also offered buyers an option for a folding armrest/seat and column shifter. This allowed three passengers up front.

Under the hood,  a 318 two-barrel “LA” Chrysler engine rated  230 bhp was now the base engine. This replaced the previous year 318 polyspherical V-8 engine. The 361 cu in V8 was also replaced by a 383 cu in 2 barrel engine. Buyers were also offered a 440 Magnum V-8 rated at 375 hp as an option. The 383 4-barrel engine rated at 325 bhp and the 426 Street Hemi rated at 425 bhp remained as options.

The 1967 Dodge Charger did not sell well and production was only 15,788 cars. American Motors also produced a very similar looking car called the AMC Marlin.

1967 Dodge Charger Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price – $3128.00

1967 Dodge Charger Production – 15,788

  • 426 Hemi – 117 (58 with a four speed transmission and 59 cars with the automatic transmission.)
  • 440 Magnum – 660 (132 with a four speed transmission and 528 cars with the automatic transmission.)
  • 383 (4 Barrel) – 4,840 (601 with four speed and 4,224 cars with the automatic transmission.)
  • 383 (2 Barrel) – 3,535 (117 with four speed transmission and 3,417 cars with the automatic transmission.)
  • 318 (2 Barrel) – Unknown ( ??? three speed transmission and 5,265 cars with the automatic transmission.)

1967 Dodge Charger Weight – 3480 lbs

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