1967 Dodge Charger Standard Features

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  • Acrylic enamel in choice of 18 standard colors.
  • Body paint stripe in choice of: blue, white, black or red.
  • All-vinyl interior in choice of: blue, red, copper, black, white/black or gold/black.
  • Dual, retractable headlights.
  • Cigarette lighter.
  • Map and courtesy light.
  • Glove box lock.
  • Glove box light.
  • Front bucket seats with full-volume foam.
  • Rear bucket seats with 1 1/4″ foam padding.
  • Front left armrest.
  • Front right armrest with ashtray.
  • Rear armrests with ashtray.
  • Rear center armrest with cigarette lighter.
  • Carpeting, front and rear.
  • Heater/defroster.
  • 3-spoke steering wheel with full horn ring.
  • 318 V8 (2-bbl.), 230-hp engine.
  • Column-mounted 3-speed manual transmission.
  • Long life major chassis lubrication (good for 36,000 miles).
  • Spare tire cover (tire is carried below trunk floor).
  • Curved and tempered side glass.
  • Tinted rear window.
  • Oil pressure gauge.
  • Tachometer.
  • Rear pillar, interior lamps.
  • Hinged trunk panel, carpeted.
  • Trunk carpet, to match interior.


  • Torsion bars, ball joints and sway bar in front.
  • Asymmetrical leaf springs in rear.
  • Oriflow shock absorbers at each wheel.
  • The entire suspension is rubber-isolated.
  • A heavy-duty suspension package was available.