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1971 Dodge Charger Super Bee from brochure.

1971 Dodge Charger Super Bee Production Numbers:

  • Engine: 340 Magnum 4bbl Transmission: HD automatic Number Produced: 268
  • Engine: 340 Magnum 4bbl Transmission: 4-speed Number Produced: 39
  • Engine: 383 Magnum 4bbl Transmission: HD automatic Number Produced: 2,889
  • Engine: 383 Magnum 4bbl Transmission: 4-speed Number Produced: 766
  • Engine: 383 Magnum 4bbl Transmission: 3-speed  Number Produced: 203
  • Engine: 440 Magnum 4bbl  Transmission: (no trans. breakdown)  Number Produced: 26
  • Engine: 440 Magnum Six Pack  Transmission: HD automatic Number Produced: 69
  • Engine: 440 Magnum Six Pack  Transmission: 4-speed Number Produced: 30
  • Engine: 426 Hemi  Transmission: HD automatic Number Produced: 13
  • Engine: 426 Hemi  Transmission: 4-speed  Number Produced: 9
  • Engine: 426 Hemi  Transmission: Canada/No trans info. Number Produced: 1
  • Engine: No Engine Breakdown | Transmission: Sunroof/No trans info.  Number Produced: 9

Total shipped to US Dealers was around 4,325. Export numbers are unknown.

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