Big Block Engine Information

Big Block Mopar Information

Welcome to our Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth Big block engine information section! A collection of information devoted to Mopar Big block Engines. Covers specifications, horsepower, torque and more.

Note: This section is always under construction and we will be adding more pages as we get the time and info to complete.

440 Engine Information:

440magnum Four Barrel Engine Information & Specifications

383 Engine Information:

383magnum Four Barrel Engine Information & Specifications

383 Two Barrel Engine Information & Specifications

General Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth Small Block Information:

383, 400, 440 Engine Bolt Torque Specifications – Torque specifications for the Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth RB/B Engines.

Mopar Big Block Exhaust Manifold Casting Numbers – Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth Big Block Exhaust Manifold Casting Numbers.

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