Dodge A-100 Truck Screensaver 2.0

HD Widescreen Dodge A-100 Truck screensaverThe Dodge A-100 Truck version 2.0 screensaver is part of our free HD Widescreen Mopar Screensaver Collection.

This screensaver features a collection of A100 Truck and Van photos from past Mopar Shows & Events. The current version features 21 photos of A100 Trucks and Vans in widescreen format.

Photo’s included in this screensaver were taken by our staff at past mopar shows and events. The Dodge A100 Truck 2.0 screensaver was designed to work with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and Windows 10. Fully compatible with Windows 10 (x32 and x64 editions).

Download & Setup Instructions:

This screensaver was built for widescreen resolution monitors and has the ability to resize the graphics for different screen sizes. It will also work with standard resolution monitors, but the images will have black border on the top and bottom of photos.

1 – Download The Dodge A-100 2.0 Truck Screensaver:

Download Screensaver



2 – When you have completed the download double click the self-extracting file to setup the screensaver. While the Dodge A-100 Screensaver is extremely easy to use, a bit of time spent reading the documentation will pay off in the long run. The online help was designed to help you find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Dodge A-100 Version 2.0 History:

  • v2.0.widescreen: March 2, 2010 – First general public www release.
Please Note: Dodge A-100 Truck Screensaver version 2.0 was created by The 440magnum Mopar Enthusiast Network and is the property of the 440magnum Mopar Enthusiast Network and all related files and documentation is Copyright (c), All rights reserved. All other trademarks or registered trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. This Screensaver is free for your personal use at home or work. It may not be posted to other websites or used in any other way without permission from the web site. By downloading this screensaver you agree to abide by these terms. This software is provided "as is" and as all software extreme caution should be used when installing it on your system..