2002 Dodge Ram SRT10 Concept

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2002 Dodge Ram SRT10 Concept

2002 Dodge Ram SRT10 Concept - Engine

Providing an estimated 500 horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of torque, the Dodge Ram SRT-10’s power is channeled through a Viper six-speed manual transmission that connects to a modified differential and new driveshaft.

The Ram SRT-10 will accelerate to sixty mph in an estimated 5.0 seconds and deliver an estimated top speed of 150 mph.


More impressively, Ram SRT-10 runs the 0-100-0 mph dash in an estimated 18 seconds. Keeping all this power in check is a modified Ram rack and pinion steering and independent front suspension from the 2002 Dodge Ram.

2002 Dodge Ram SRT10 Concept - Side

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 makes the most of its exclusive 24-inch wheels and 305/35 R24 high-performance tires, pulling an estimated 0.92 g’s on the skid pad and hitting almost 70 mph on the slalom.

Dodge Ram SRT10 Concept - InsideA recalibrated, quick-ratio power steering unit enhances steering feel. Inside, red-piped leather and carbon fiber-look accents complement the performance attitude established by the SRT-10’s outward appearance.

Silver-faced gauges with Viper font and graphics have an appropriately recalibrated speedometer and tachometer.

The Ram SRT-10’s handling is enhanced by the addition of performance-tuned springs and shocks, a rear sway bar and an inch-lower ride height. Bringing the Ram SRT-10 to a halt are four-wheel disc Viper brakes, equipped with standard ABS. Fascia-mounted, faired-in brake ducts aid cooling.

Source of information and pictures: DaimlerChrysler Corporation