1973 Mopar Carburetor Guide

Chart is sorted by carburetor number. (usually found on base of carburetor or on a stamped metal tag attached to the carburetor.) This should not be considered a complete list, only a guide to what was used in 1973.

1973 Carburetor Number Carburetor Type Application
6316 C-2-BBD 318 M/T
6317 C-2-BBD 318 A/T
6318 C-4-TQ 340 M/T
6319 C-4-TQ 340 A/T
6339 C-4-TQ 340 M/T (California Only)
6340 C-4-TQ 340 A/T (California Only)
6343 C-2-BBD 318 M/T (California Only)
6344 C-2-BBD 318 A/T (California Only)
R6447 H-1-1920 198 M/T
R6448 H-1-1920 198 A/T
R6452 H-2-2210 360 A/T
R6454 H-2-2210 400 A/T
R6593 H-1-1920 225 M/T
R6594 H-1-1920 225 A/T



C = Carter H = Holley R = Rochester
S = Stromberg TQ = ThermoQuad (Carter)
A/T = Automatic transmission
M/T = Manual transmission
A/C = Air conditioning
EEC = Evaporative Emission Control
Carburetor Type = Manufacturer – Barrel – Carb – Model
Example: C-4-AVS = Carter 4-bbl, Air Valve Secondary
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