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Update Your Mopar Site Listing:


Use this suggestion form to do any of the following:

  • Change the URL of your listing.
  • Change the title of your listing.
  • Edit the description of your listing.
  • Suggest a different categories for your listing.

The 440magnum Network must have a compelling reason to make changes to your listing. We will not change information that is already accurate.

Common misperceptions about this form and The 440magnum Network Mopar Directory.

  • The 440magnum Network Mopar directory is not a search engine, it is a directory of Mopar related sites categorized by human web-surfers. We do not look at keywords or meta tags. We do not crawl sites, scan or spider sites.

  • This form cannot be used as a means of improving your search ranking in our directory. If your intent in using this change form is to improve your search ranking or "searchability" please do not use this form.

Please complete the following questions:

1 - In order for us to make any modifications to your 440magnum Network listing, we must know the URL (address) that is currently listed. Please input the exact URL that the 440magnum Network is listing for your site.

Current URL

2 - For security purposes, please tell us the name and email address of the contact person associated with the current listing. It is the same name and email address you first gave us when you submitted the site.

First Name

Last Name

Current E-mail

3 - If you want to suggest a change to the title of your site, enter the new title below. Please make sure that the title is no longer than six (6) words and not all capital letters (e.g. MY SITE or OUR MOPAR SITE, etc.). For companies, the title submitted MUST be the company name. Any request to change a business name to something other than its actual name will be ignored.

New Site Title

4 - If you want to change the URL (address) of your site, please enter the new URL below.

New Site URL

5 - If you want to suggest a change to the description that appears with your 440magnum Network listing, enter the new description below. Remember that the description should be a concise representation of what your site offers. In the case of business or commercial sites, it is simply a description of what the company does, or of the product(s) it offers.

These minimum guidelines should be followed or your request will be ignored:

  • Descriptions must be no longer than 25 words.

  • Descriptions should not contain words in all capital letters.

  • Please Do Not Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word.

  • Do not include HTML tags.

  • Please refrain from using any marketing language or slogans. For example, phrases such as "the best," "the first," "the only," "the leader (or leading)," "We're Number One," or "The Best Mopar site on the Internet!" Anything that could be construed as marketing language should be avoided in the comment.

  • Do not restate the title of your site.

  • Descriptions containing only keywords will not be accepted.

New Site Description

7 - If you want to suggest moving your current listing to a new category, enter the new category below. Only fill in this field if you want your site moved.

Move Listing to:

8 - Please provide any further instructions below.

Briefly describe the changes you want made:
Please enter the following security code in the next field. For ease of use, only the characters 1 - 9 and A - F are printed. You may enter upper or lower case characters.

Update Mopar Site or Page Listing - Updated 11/18/2009


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