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Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd.  
Original style reproduction seat upholstery, door panels, carpets and a complete line of interior and exterior soft-trim products for most popular mopar models. Complete line includes weather-stripping, rubber parts, and interior plastic trim.
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(Added: Tue Feb 26 2002 Hits: 1356 Rating: 0 Votes: 0)   Rate This Link

Carpets 4 Classics
Molded carpets for Mopar cars that are guaranteed to fit. 80-20 loop style and cut pile styles are available.
Visitor Rating:8
(Added: Thu Dec 21 2006 Hits: 378 Rating: 8 Votes: 1)   Rate This Link

Wood Grain, Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Dash Trim Kits for many mopar models.
Visitor Rating:5
(Added: Tue Jun 22 2004 Hits: 530 Rating: 5 Votes: 2)   Rate This Link

MCB Performance Center
Mopar Tuff steering wheel restoration!
Visitor Rating:5.5
(Added: Sun Jun 01 2003 Hits: 469 Rating: 5.5 Votes: 2)   Rate This Link

Not Just Headrests
Headrest restoration and sales, chrome band replacement, vinyl dyeing & plastic painting in all stock and custom colors, interior parts repair, sale of headrest hardware.
Visitor Rating:10
(Added: Wed Feb 05 2003 Hits: 477 Rating: 10 Votes: 2)   Rate This Link

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