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Justin Credible's AMC
This is the Ghetto flyer II. We aquired it for 30 big ones, and made it the pimpinist car in the midwest, with troggle switches for just about everything, Slack white wash whells, and an awesome high cost paint job, This is now a 2 cycle engine. Once you pop start it with the Truck, this bad boy flys around reaching speeds of 65 mph .
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Renault Alliance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Renault Alliance was a compact automobile built and marketed in North America by the American Motors Corporation (AMC) through its partnership with its majority owner Renault between 1982 and 1987, when the Chrysler Corporation acquired AMC. The Alliance was based upon the Renault 9/11, but received its exterior styling courtesy of AMC's Richard Teague.
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Roberto's AMC
My original 1983 AMC/Renault Alliance L (grey) and my 1984 Renault DL (blue).
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